From an old, drab concrete slab to a beautiful new paver driveway in just 3 days

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the project

The old concrete slab driveway was torn up and replaced with a gorgeous new paver driveway in just 3 days. 

Ancient Techniques

The paving techniques used by our expert crew are remarkably similar to those used by the Roman Empire many centuries ago. While modern technology and tools make some tasks a little quicker and more efficient, the basic physical process truly hasn’t changed at all. 

Project Videos

Vail Digger

A New Driveway

  1. Demolish existing concrete slab driveway.

  2. Take all the debris to the dump.

  3. Prepare the ground.

  4. Lay the new pavers.

Pool 2

Paver Precision

The whole crew was on hand to make the paver laying go as efficiently and accurately as possible. Piles of pavers wheelbarrowed withing easy reach, expert hand-to-eye coordination  and the final row met the edge of the sidewalk with exactly the right amount of space left.

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