Decorative Rocks & Boulders

Water efficient landscapes, also known as “xeriscapes,” are used in much of our landscape designs. They encourage the use of plants and materials that are appropriate for our desert environment. Xeriscaping is beneficial because it creates a landscape that is cohesive with the native environment, is environmentally conscious, and does not impose significant watering cost on the home owner.

Rock and boulders play an important role in xeriscape design. As a ground cover for your yard, rock is the best bet for water conservation and lower yard maintenance.

Why Use Rock?

  • It doesn’t attract pests.
  • It stands up to foot traffic for pathways.
  • It will last a long time.
  • It improves drainage.
  • You have a lot of decorative choices
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Different types of rock

Decorative rocks are versatile landscape materials that evoke the beauty of the natural desert. You can use decorative rocks as a groundcover that replaces mulch. Additionally, you can use these landscape materials to build a beautiful rock garden that adds depth and character to your property.

Rocks & Boulders Process

We follow a thorough installation process to ensure all rocks are installed correctly so that your rock will provide all the intended benefits.


  • Help You With Selection
  • Determine Amount Of Rock needed
  • Delivery And Installation
  • Land Grading & Leveling
  • Site Prep
  • Clean Up

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you arrange for delivery of the rock?

Yes, we’ll deliver rock to Vail and surrounding areas.

How do I know how much rock I'll need?

We’ll go over our plans with you, measure the areas covered and determine the square footage of rock needed for your project.